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About Us

A family, originally from Turkey came to South Africa as tourists, however, they instantly fell in love with the climate and environment of the country.

From that a vision and desire was born with the urge to showcase Turkish cuisine and pastry meals to the locals who have a similar taste palette as the Turks, and for people who like trying out something new now and again.

The idea and purpose behind the opening of a bakery was to provide a warm and friendly environment in which high quality food is served at reasonable prices. The bakery in Braamfontein is a small, sweet and decent shop which has become an instant hit in the area. Now, plans for future investments are looking very likely due to an increase in demand.

They have, thus far, increased their efforts towards improving the concept and standard of the bakery towards serving the South African people better. Galata Bakery & Coffee gained immense popularity in a short time due to the existing market in Braamfontein and a homemade taste which is unique and almost impossible to discover. Galatas biggest goal is to entertain all their customers and allow them to leave with joy in their hearts.
Galata Bakery & Coffee loves being here.
The taste of life is here.

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